Empower Yourself

Our mission is to provide you with clear, thoughtful and objective advice so that you can make informed choices for your financial life.

As a client, you’ll sleep well at night, because you’ll know that you have a financial plan in place that’s tailored to your unique needs.

What do you experience when you work with Springwater?

Integrated and comprehensive financial planning, provided honestly and with objectivity.  Investment portfolios designed to maximize return for the risk taken, and designed to offer you access to a world of opportunity.  A team of advisors with a depth and breadth of experience that few other firms can match.  A firm whose values – integrity, honesty, objectivity and empathy – form the foundation of our work for you.

What’s the Springwater process like?

Getting Acquainted

We start with a short, convenient phone call, arranged at your convenience, to determine if your situation matches our expertise.  Call our office, fill out our website contact form, or send us an email, and we’ll get it scheduled.

If there seems to be a good “fit”, we can follow up our call with a complimentary 60-minute consultation, either in-person or “virtually”, as you prefer.  This is an opportunity to explore in more depth what you’re looking for from an advisory relationship.

After our consultation, if we both agree that we’re the right advisors for you, we’ll send send you an engagement letter, that reflects what we learned from our conversations, describes our process, and states our “not to exceed” fee for your financial plan.  Read it at your leisure, let us know if you have any questions, and when you’re ready to get to work, return it to us to get things started.


If you’re like most of our clients, you need a robust, comprehensive plan that addresses most or all of the core areas of financial planning: cashflow management, risk management (i.e. insurance), retirement saving (accumulation), estate planning, tax planning, and investment management advice.  But, depending on where you are in life, your plan may also include education funding for private school or college, Social Security planning, or retirement income (distribution) planning.

When your plan’s complete, we’ll review it with you, and also “stress test” it for things that could go wrong.

Finally, we’ll detail “what we learned” and the “action items” for you in a personalized summary letter.

Visit our Planning services page to learn more about how we can help you build a financial plan that delivers peace of mind.

Investment Management

You might think of your portfolio as the engine for your plan.  At Springwater, we’ve done our homework, so we know the factors that largely determine portfolio performance – and they’re things that a disciplined, professional advisor can control, like asset allocation (your “mix” of investments), diversification, taxes and fees, and perhaps most importantly, emotions.  We don’t waste time on the loser’s game of trying to pick stocks, time the market or guess which sector or industry will out-perform next quarter.

Your investment strategy will be designed to take as little risk as possible, while still helping you achieve your goals – like college for your kids or grandkids, an early retirement, travel to interesting places with friends and family, or charitable giving, to name just a few possibilities.

We’ll provide you with regular reports that show how your portfolio’s performing, and when we make changes we’ll do so in consultation with you and your tax advisor in a prudent, tax-efficient way.

Visit our Investment Management services page to learn why our approach to investing is the prudent way to manage a portfolio, and how it can provide you with a better long-term investment experience.

Wealth Management

Our wealth management clients have unlimited, as-needed access to our team for personalized planning and investment advice.  Your plan will be updated whenever you’d like.  Your portfolio will be managed in the context of your plan.  We’ll incorporate tax planning, estate planning and, when it’s time, income distribution planning, all with the objective of helping you create your ideal life.

Visit our Wealth Management services page to learn more about how a personalized, integrated approach to managing your wealth can help you live the fulfilling life you want.


Our Portland office is conveniently located off the SW Denney Road exit from Highway 217.

6600 SW 105th Avenue, Suite 155
Beaverton, OR 97008

Our Bay Area office is located in downtown Santa Cruz.

133 Mission Street
Santa Cruz, CA 95060


If you’d like to learn more about how we can help you build a solid plan for your future, let us know by filling out our contact form. Or give us a call at (888) 998-4796.


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