For many young people across the country, the prospect of home ownership is becoming an increasingly distant dream. A recent Unison report found that it’s more costly than ever to purchase a new home, with coastal cities the worst affected. Nearly all large American cities have seen their property prices increase steadily over the past ten years, with some – such as San Francisco and Seattle – recording 10% year-over-year increases.

Unison took a look at the scale of the problem facing young prospective homeowners by calculating the salary needed to buy a home in the country’s major cities.

It found that potential buyers would need the highest salary in New York, where an average home would require an income of $418,000 today, making it the least affordable city nationwide. According to the research, someone living in the New York metropolitan area would need to save for 12 years to purchase their own house or apartment. When it comes to America’s least affordable homes, San Francisco ranks second, with a required salary of $349,650, while in Boston, someone would need to earn $199,755.

It isn’t all negative, however, as some cities are countering the trend of rapidly rising property prices. Chicago is a good example, with the salary required to purchase a home in the Windy City just $64,948. The situation in Dallas is also relatively positive, with the necessary income amounting to $48,887. At the very opposite end of the scale, Detroit is one of the cheapest major US cities for home-buyers. Someone searching for a house or an apartment there would only need a salary of $8,328.

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