The Institute for Divorce Financial AnalystsTM (IDFATM) has announced that Springwater principal and co-founder Jim Corbeau, MBA, CFP®, CDFA® has completed a specialized educational program in professional divorce analysis and is now a Certified Divorce Financial Analyst®.

A CDFA® is an expert on the immediate and long-term financial implications of divorce. Certified Divorce Financial Analysts carefully analyze the various settlement options for dividing marital property – including retirement accounts and pensions – and help their clients reach the best long-term settlements. Developing comprehensive insight into the short and long-term financial effects of divorce can save valuable time, money and distress, especially if the process is conducted early in the legal proceedings.

IDFATM trains professionals – financial planners, accountants, and lawyers – to determine the financial needs and outcomes for couples after divorce.

Founded in 1993, IDFATM currently has more than 2,000 CDFAs across the United States and Canada. The designation is receiving increasing attention as more people across the country search for alternative divorce processes – from collaborative law to mediation – rather than litigating their case using lawyers as their only line of defense. For more information about IDFATM or the CDFA® designation, visit www.institutedfa.com.